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Searching for Sugar Man [UK Import]
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E-commerce 101: 9 Questions Every E-Commerce Be...
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Chapter one: Is my business on the right track? Dos and don´ts of choosing your product Profitable categories Research tools to help you find popular products on the Internet Chapter two: How can I make my business legitimate? What licenses should you have before you start selling? Why is it important to open a business bank account and a merchant account? Chapter three: To find suppliers, who should I ask? Different people who can help you find legitimate suppliers What are trade shows and trade publications? How is searching online different than searching in sourcing sites? Chapter four: What supplier types can I utilize for my business? Different supplier types Differences between importers and import agents Differences between franchisors, distributors, manufacturers, and wholesalers Chapter five: How can I source my products? What are the different product sourcing methods? How are they different from each other? Advantages and disadvantages of each method Chapter six: Where can I find drop shipping companies? What are the best drop shipping websites that you can contact for your business? What services do they offer? Chapter seven: How can I gear my business towards success? How to build a good business relationship with the supplier How to be safe when looking for wholesalers How to get more from your return on investment Chapter eight: How can I become a successful seller on eBay and Amazon? Specific tips to become successful when you sell at eBay and Amazon Chapter nine: Where can I establish my online store? Why you should s... 1. Language: English. Narrator: Robert Gazy. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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