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Zombie 15` (engl.)
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Your house is no longer safe, they are on the verge of breaking down the door to your bedroom. Its time to improvise and to find other survivors so you can make it out alive. But the zombie horde haunts the streetsZombie 15´ is a cooperative, scenario-based game for 2 to 4 players in which you play teenagers who have 15 minutes to survive and escape from a zombie horde. Running for their lives, the teenagers try to discover the truth about the sudden outbreak that turned their parents, teachers and all of the other grown-ups into gruesome brain-eating monsters!The game is played in real-time and begins at the start of the soundtrack. Each scenario features different objectives: running through the city, pursuing a target, holding a fortified place, searching for useful resources If you complete the objectives before the soundtrack is over, all of the players win the game. If you fail, or if at any time all of the heroes are unconscious, you all lose the game!Zombie 15´ a 15-minute soundtrack to give each game its tempo, a 15-scenario, progressive campaign, and much more than just 15 zombies

Anbieter: Milan Spiele
Stand: 20.11.2015
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