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Machuca,El Nino - Searching Your South | Buscan...
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Searching Your South | Buscando Tu Sur El Nino ...
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Searching Your South | Buscando Tu Sur El Nino Machuca auf CD online

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Kinda Dirty Paris Confessions , Hörbuch, Digita...
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A caper gone bad is the setting for this comic novel about three 20-somethings searching to find themselves in year one of The Revolution - 1960. The year marked the arrival of John F. Kennedy, The Pill, Women’s Lib, and the crazy concept of personal satisfaction. The world, and their lives, would never be the same. The story follows Mickey, Tippy, and Nino from Manhattan’s garment district filled with low-end goods, loan sharks, and knock-off artists to the couturiers of Paris with the insane pressure to constantly create great art. It’s the hilarious story of self-realization, love, and friendship from award-winning writer Marc Sotkin. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Marc Sotkin. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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